Anonymous said: Hi Billy! I'm a straight guy but I'm into all sorts of "alternative" porn, namely shemale and foot worship stuff. A few years ago I started getting into ftm porn as well, but I really only like "straight" ftm porn, if you know what I mean. The vids of you having sex with girls like an average staight guy are a real turn-on. Why do you think most ftm out there are of the queer variety? Is there a chance you, or other transguys can make more straight ftm porn?

Hey guy,

Thanks so much for your message. It was good to hear you liked my porn! Unfortunately, there’s not much of a market for straight FTM porn, so even though there are many transguys who would love to make  that kind of porn, there’s just not enough interest. Have you checked out my film billy castro’s naughty squirters?

literally-liam said: Hey Billy, I think you are absolutely awesome. I start T this week, so in celebration I'm probably going to buy a new dick. Would you be able to tell me what packer you're sporting in the BTS sword fighting scene? It looks like it feels pretty realistic, but still is able to do work :P Would you recommend it?

Congrats on T! That actually wasn’t a packer, just my dick. I always sword fight and fuck with the “maverick”. you can buy it at or toys in babeland!

Anonymous said: First question, how big were your hips before T and how much did they go down after T + working out? I'm asking because I'm also ftm (about to start T) and have huge hips. I will do anything to loose them. Second question, how do you get into ftm porn? I was strongly considering this to get top surgery, thought about it, and would most likely want to do it afterwards as well. Do I have to send an email to Buck Angel? xD Seriously though. Thanks for your time. :)

Hello there!

My hips were not super big pre-t. But what I had went mostly away with testosterone and maintaining a lower bf percentage. Cardio, diet and strength training will do wonders in regards to getting rid of hips. Testosterone does a lot of fat redistribution just on it’s own, as well. To be honest, I kind of just fell into porn. If you’re interested in doing some, hit up all the queer porn companies and let them know you’re interested!